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"Solar Flora" - Hand painted acrylic wall art

"Solar Flora" - Hand painted acrylic wall art

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Dive into a vibrant symphony of color and form with "Solar Flora," a stunning piece of hand-painted acrylic wall art that celebrates the harmonious dance of nature and the cosmos. Each brushstroke on this 20cm x 20cm stretched canvas tells a story of interconnectedness, depicting stylized floral patterns that radiate with energy and life.

This piece balanced a bold, contrasting palette, with deep blues representing the vastness of the sky or the ocean depths, vivid greens evoking the lushness of terrestrial life, and soft pinks reminiscent of the gentle dawn. At the center of each floral motif lies a golden orb, symbolizing the nurturing warmth of the sun, the source of all life.

Bring "Solar Flora" into your space and let it infuse your home with its radiant energy and organic elegance.


Size: 20cm x 20cm

Material: Stretched Canvas

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